In-Person 2021 Annual Conference Planned for March

Many members have wondered if the association will be hosting an in-person conference this coming spring. The answer is yes! i-SIGMA is moving forward with plans for an in-person event as usual at this point, understanding that things may need to change should data points not continue to improve regarding COVID-19. The Board of Directors, […]

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Board Approves New & Revised Committee Guidelines

During a strategic planning session of the Board of Directors earlier in 2020, the then Board Presidents, Angie Singer Keating and Christopher Jones, had requested an audit of the association committees to determine which would be kept and which may need to be retired. During the assessment that followed it was found that while some […]

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Market Recovery: Why Vertical Marketing Segments May Not Matter

I was recently asked if there was any information on how certain categories of business… say financial … might be generating more business for i-SIGMA members than another during the shutdown. The answer was no, since the questioner was really interested in knowing if there were surveys or studies on the matter. On the other […]

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