Certified Secure Destruction Specialists

CSDS Professional Credentials

The Certified Secure Destruction Specialist® (CSDS®) accreditation is awarded to information governance professionals who have demonstrated a high degree of expertise in data destruction operations, regulatory compliance, information security, and risk management. They achieve this through study and the passing of an intensive exam intended to ensure their in-depth knowledge on these topics, and by keeping up-to-date on these subject matters by earning mandatory Continuous Education Units (CEU). CEU are earned by attending relevant events and webinars, reading articles and blogs, and presenting on related topics.

By working with an accredited CSDS, clients are assured their representative has the complete knowledge of their responsibilities and the resources to create compliant destruction policies, advise them on contractual and indemnification issues, and provide them with the required regulatory employee training. Also, because the maintenance of CSDS credentials requires ongoing education, clients working with a CSDS professional know they are staying abreast of the latest regulatory requirements and industry advancements.