Train Your Clients’ Staff

The Customer Employee Training Program equips data destruction service providers to train their existing clients’ employees on what they need to know about proper information disposal.

An escalation in data breaches and identity theft have led to new regulations, higher penalties, and embarrassing headlines. In order for businesses to now remain compliant, they need to minimize illegal unauthorized access to personal information and those organizations handling personal information must also train their employees on data protection, including how it is destroyed. This is where the Customer Employee Training Program comes into play.

How the Customer Employee Training Program Works


Employees watch a 14-minute training video, impressing upon them the process for secure data destruction.


An explanation of the organization’s specific data destruction program is reviewed.


Employees acknowledge their understanding of the video and orientation in writing for the company’s records

This easy and quick orientation program demonstrates to regulators that the business has invested the expected due diligence into training their employees on their data destruction responsibilities.

This program is intended to be offered at no charge to clients by participating i-SIGMA members.

What’s Included

The Customer Employee Training Program includes:

One i-SIGMA “Customer Employee Training Program” DVD

Policies & Procedures Template

Licensing rights to share the video

Employee Training Acknowledgement Template

Additional Materials Available Include:

Additional i-SIGMA “Customer Employee Training Program” DVDs

“How & Why” Training Program Introduction Brochures