i-SIGMA Membership

i-SIGMA® is the trade association for secure information lifecycle management. i-SIGMA® offers membership through its divisions, NAID and PRISM International. Which membership is right for you?


NAID focuses solely on secure data destruction.


PRISM International focuses on records information management, which includes physical record storage and management, data protection services, imaging and conversion services, and confidential destruction services.

The association offers three types of memberships:

Active Members

Any corporation or other entity actively engaged in providing information management services to commerce, industry, education, and/or government may become an Active Member of the Association.

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Associate Member

Any corporation or other entity that provides products and services to the Company/Active Members of the Association, or any corporation or other entity that has an interest in the information destruction industry, may become an Associate Member of the Association.

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Professional Member

Individuals who formerly have been involved in the information management services business and who wish to remain connected to the Association, and professionals involved in information and/or security management (i.e. records and information managers, MIS, ADP, security professionals, imaging specialists, archivists, healthcare administrators, legal administrators, librarians, and educators) may apply to become “Professional Members” of the Association. Such members shall not be eligible to vote or hold office in the Association.

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All Memberships Are Based On The Calendar Year And Subject To Annual Dues To Retain Membership Status.

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