Attention Information Management, Data Protection and Privacy Professionals…

Information Management’s Forgotten Pillar

Disposition is one of the main pillars of information management, and yet secure records and media disposal remains it’s most misunderstood and overlooked vulnerability!

Join colleagues from throughout the region at this one-day seminar to hear one of the world’s most recognised authorities on media disposition and regulatory requirements address a wide array of information and media disposition issues, including policy development, the impact of new Data Subject rights, defendable Data Processor selection, and a fail-safe approach to managing data protection regulations which are increasingly not subject to jurisdictional boundaries.

Attendees will leave this one-day event with practical guidance on secure information and media disposition, as well as the tools by which to implement it.

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NSW Privacy Commissioner, Samantha Gavel, to give opening remarks for the day’s seminar.

This event marks the only appearance of Robert (Bob) Johnson, CSDS, in Australia, considered one of the leading authorities on data disposition, speaking around the world on issues of policy development and compliance strageies.