A Great Time to Improve

September 23, 2020

For all the bad things about the pandemic shutdown, one thing is certain; it has forced you to reduce your operations down to the basics. You had no choice but to become as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Regardless if you want a life-style business that goes on for decades, or you are creating a business you can eventually sell, you first need to rebuild.

When it comes to reorganizing, whether it’s a messy garage or a business, the first thing you do is take everything out, clean it, and put things back in an orderly fashion.

While it’s hard to call anything associated with this situation a silver lining, rebuilding is the time to create your company, incorporating the lessons you learned before and during the shutdown.

By now, you’re pretty sure you’ll be among those left standing, so why not be among the best of them.

How you do this is up to you. Polish up those policies and procedures. Earn your CSDS. Get NAID AAA or PRISM Privacy+ Certified. Read how to use the new contracts i-SIGMA provides at no charge.

Whatever you do, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Though there may be fewer service providers after this, they will be the ones who were strong enough to survive.
  • Data protection regulations may have moved to the back burner during the shutdown, but they will come back with a vengeance on the other side of it.
  • If you miss this current window to start rebuilding a stronger operation, you’re not likely to do it until it’s too late.

Like I said, there’s nothing to like about this shutdown, but we should not miss out on one of the main things we can salvage: the opportunity to come out of this stronger.