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To foster complete transparency, all Certification documents are available to service providers and their customers free of charge.

Obtaining NAID AAA and/or PRISM Privacy+ Certification

To obtain NAID AAA Certification® and/or PRISM Privacy+ Certification®, i-SIGMA Member Service Providers must:


Meet all required specifications as outlined in the i-SIGMA Certification Specifications Reference Manual


Submit a completed i-SIGMA Certification application
(select the appropriate application below)


Successfully complete an initial scheduled audit verifying all aspects of compliance

Once certified, companies must successfully complete ongoing scheduled and unannounced audits verifying all aspects of compliance. Certification must be renewed annually.

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Easily renew year-over-year online through the Certification Portal »

Initial Applicants and Renewals preferring to use a hard copy form should use the following options:

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i-SIGMA Certification Consultants

i-SIGMA offers a list of consultants available for hire to assist your company in the certification process, available in the i-SIGMA Online Market with additional approved consultants also available.

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How the New PRISM Privacy+ & NAID AAA Certification Programs Work Together

Discover how changes to PRISM Privacy+ Certification align it closely with NAID AAA Certification and how your company can more easily achieve dual certification, while saving time and money.

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