Board Approves New & Revised Committee Guidelines

September 10, 2020

During a strategic planning session of the Board of Directors earlier in 2020, the then Board Presidents, Angie Singer Keating and Christopher Jones, had requested an audit of the association committees to determine which would be kept and which may need to be retired. During the assessment that followed it was found that while some committees were assuredly doing good work for the association and worth maintaining, they did not all have updated and clear guidelines for operation. Furthermore, upon the alignment of the PRISM Privacy+ Certification program with the NAID AAA Certification program and audit process this spring, the Board later determined that the NAID AAA Certification Support Committee should be re-branded to reflect this alignment.

As such, during yesterday’s Board of Directors meeting, two committees, the Annual Conference Committee (ACC) chaired by Keith Eriksen, CSDS and Communications & Marketing Committee (CMC) chaired by Tom Schreyer, CSDS, presented updated guidelines which the Board approved unanimously.

According to i-SIGMA Director of Marketing & Communications, Kelly Martinez, “while the changes were not huge, they will help the committees focus as both made adjustments to their guidelines for clarity in purpose, construct, and officially adding the ability for electronic voting.”

Similarly, the NAID AAA Certification Support Committee officially moved to become the i-SIGMA Certification Support Committee (CSC) chaired by Margaret Meyer, CSDS, and new guidelines were created to outline the purpose and running for this revised committee.

Martinez shared, “The CSC will now include support for all certifications offered by the association moving forward.” She went onto add, “This is an exciting shift and I know that it will mean great things for members interested in certification.”

View the revised Annual Conference Committee Guidelines >>

View the revised Communications & Marketing Committee Guidelines >>

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