Information Disposition Textbook


i-SIGMA is proud to publish the first comprehensive digest covering the wide range of issues related to protecting information at its most vulnerable point – the end of its life cycle. Information Disposition: A Practical Guide to the Secure, Compliant Disposal of Records, Media and IT Assets contains everything one needs to know, including policies and templates, to create a state-of-the-art, compliant and secure information destruction program.

This 272-page textbook will change not only the secure destruction industry, but businesses for the better, as they learn proper compliance for data storage and disposition. It is also the official guide for the Certified Secure Destruction Specialist® (CSDS) Accreditation Program.

Features Inside Information Disposition:

  • How to pick a service provider
  • What do regulations require
  • Risk management best practices
  • What to include in an RFP or contract
  • Includes forms, policies & templates

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