Find CSDS Professionals

Find CSDS Professionals

The below list reflects individuals who have obtained their Certified Secure Destruction Specialist Accreditation® (CSDS®) through i-SIGMA®. Because these professionals have demonstrated a high level of competency on such a broad range of secure information destruction issues, they are highly qualified for speaking engagements, policy development, and data disposal security audits.

If searching by state, please use its abbreviation.

Alexis Henry, CSDS[email protected]NashvilleTNUnited States
Jacob Cope, CSDS[email protected]El PasoTXUnited States
Jason Keller, CSDS[email protected]CoppellTXUSA
James Elkins, CSDS[email protected]AmarilloTXUSA
Tim Henning, CSDS[email protected]AustinTexasUSA
Parish Morris, CSDS[email protected]MurrietaCaliforniaUSA
Tyler Cope, CSDS[email protected]El PasoTexasUSA
Robert Johnson, CSDS[email protected]PhoenixArizonaUSA
Moises Galindo, CSDS[email protected]FullertonCaliforniaUSA
Kelly A. Martínez, CSDS[email protected]PhoenixAZUSA
Jason Teliszczak, CSDS[email protected]OrlandoFLUS
Martha Ward, CSDS[email protected]OronoMEUS
Alyssa Ramos, CSDS[email protected]Long BeachNYUS
Francisco Chavez, CSDS[email protected]HoustonTXUS
Jeremy Penfold, CSDS[email protected]OrlandoFLUS
Mark Wagstrom, CSDS[email protected]SarasotaFLUS
John Erlinger, CSDS[email protected]PortlandORUS
Tyrone Witherspoon, CSDS[email protected]MadisonTNUS
Trae Perdue, CSDS[email protected]TuscaloosaALUS
Philip Branham Jr., CSDS[email protected]IrmoSCUS
Adam Coroleuski, CSDS[email protected]SpringfieldMOUS
Tom Schreyer, CSDS[email protected]BuffaloILUS
Todd Henderson, CSDS[email protected]FargoNDUS
Todd Barelmann, CSDS[email protected]MadisonWIUS
Tobi R. Innerfield, CSDS[email protected]Deer ParkNYUS
Timothy Oberst, CSDS[email protected]ColumbusOHUS
Steven Innerfield, CSDS[email protected]Deer ParkNYUS
Steve Rando, CSDS[email protected]GeorgetownMAUS
Scott Dennis, CSDS[email protected]GrandvilleMIUS
Rob Grubaugh, CSDS[email protected]ColumbusOHUS
Richard Wisser, CSDS[email protected]Orange ParkFLUS
Richard Tennant, CSDS[email protected]CambridgeONCanada
Renee Schafer, CSDS[email protected]LincolnNEUS
Rebecca A. Howard, CSDS[email protected]EnglewoodCOUS
Randall Westbrook, CSDS[email protected]WaterfordONCanada
R. Stephen Richards, CSDS[email protected]NashvilleTNUS
Patrick DeVries, CSDS[email protected]SpokaneWAUS
Mike Smith, CSDS[email protected]Oklahoma CityOKUS
Michael L. Payton, CSDS[email protected]AugustaGAUS
Michael Hutchcraft, CSDS[email protected]CharlotteNCUS
Michael Harstrick, CSDS[email protected]RosevilleCAUS
Matthew Neuhaus, CSDS[email protected]OmahaNEUS
Matt Yaskovic, CSDS[email protected]HillsboroOregonUS
Mary Aldrich, CSDS[email protected]FargoNDUS
Marla L. Sandlin, CSDS[email protected]ButlerKYUS
Margaret Meier, CSDS[email protected]JacksonvilleFLUS
Lou Ann Owens, CSDS[email protected]RochesterNYUS
Larry Bangs, CSDS[email protected]MuskegoWIUS
Kyle Visser, CSDS[email protected]EurekaCAUS
Kimberly Anderson, CSDS[email protected]BarbourvilleKYUS
Keith Eriksen, CSDS[email protected]WoosterOHUS
Katie Fletcher, CSDS[email protected]LincolnNEUS
Joshua Hartwell, CSDS[email protected]RoswellNMUS
Joseph Harford, CSDS[email protected]TyronePAUS
John Daly, CSDS[email protected]GahannaOHUS
Jennie Gift, CSDS[email protected]DenverCOUS
Jeb Wheeler, CSDS[email protected]Des MoinesIAUS
Jason Harris, CSDS[email protected]SunburyPAUS
James Ellison, CSDS[email protected]IndianapolisINUS
James W. Dowse, CSDS[email protected]BrooklynNYUS
Heather Fitzanko, CSDS[email protected]PeoriaILUS
Gary M. Wright, CSDS[email protected]Los AngelesCAUS
Gaines Garrett, CSDS[email protected]Baton RougeLAUS
Frank Milia, CSDS[email protected]South FarmingdaleNYUS
Eric Wartel, CSDS[email protected]South HadleyMAUS
Don Adriaansen, CSDS[email protected]DoylestownPAUS
Derek Taylor, CSDS[email protected]CarrolltonGAUS
Denise Hammer, CSDS[email protected]Lake in the HillsLIUS
David Wallace, CSDS[email protected]ColumbusOHUS
Dan Mattock, CSDS[email protected]ChantillyVAUS
Colin Scott, CSDS[email protected]TyronePAUS
Christina M. Bangs, CSDS[email protected]MuskegoWIUS
Charles Sowers, CSDS[email protected]Orange ParkFLUS
Brock Miller, CSDS[email protected]GreshamORUS
Brandon Joseph Weber, CSDS[email protected]HutchinsonKSUS
Ashok Bhagwanani, CSDS[email protected]Lake in the HillsLIUS
Angie Wade, CSDS[email protected]ClevelandOHUS
Amanda Cavanah, CSDS[email protected]MadisonWIUS
Adam Ball, CSDS[email protected] Pinellas ParkFL US


Please note, this list is the intellectual property of i-SIGMA® and should only be used as a reference tool.