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Government Relations

Over the years, NAID and PRISM International have actively tackled government relations on an incidental basis in response to specific threats or opportunities and proactively worked as advocates on behalf of the RIM and secure data destruction industries. While these measures have had some great successes, the association and the industry have now reached a point where more consistent activity and vigilance are required. As such, the Board of Directors has formed a Government Relations Committee.

NAID and PRISM International have a successful history of working directly with the Federal Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, U.S. Financial Services Committee, Canadian House of Commons, Canadian Privacy Commissioner, and the British Standards Institution. i-SIGMA continues to foster these relationships.

The committee is actively looking at initiatives such as including the spread of GDPR-type regulations to the US (such as providing input on the New Jersey Senate Bill 2834) and elsewhere, monitoring the status of S. 2179: Data Security and Breach Notification Act, and developing a responsive government relations monitoring program. The committee will also track, respond and provide updates to members on court rulings related to data protection and information governance, as well as regulatory developments affecting breach notification, background screening, access control and insurance.

Pending Legislation

Stay informed and even take action on potential legislation and regulations that could impact businesses within the Information Governance Industry.
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Members are invited to get involved in the industry, even if it is not on the Government Relations Committee specifically. NAID and PRISM International provide members with the opportunity to serve on several different committees, which help to shape the direction of the association as well as the secure information governance industry.

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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics & Complaint Resolution Council

As the association looks to maintain high standards within the industry, the i-SIGMA Code of Ethics & Complaint Resolution Council establishes a system for members to hold each other accountable. i-SIGMA will take action against any industry company engaging in harmful activities or producing materials with false information.

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Industry Research

Industry Research

NAID and PRISM International also routinely conduct research to advance the interests of the industry and raise awareness among consumers and policymakers. One recent example would be the second-hand device electronic data research project NAID conducted, which was the largest in the world to date. Results from such studies have earned the association increased attention and credibility and serves to enhance awareness.