Work with CSDS Professionals

Why Work with a CSDS?

Did you know that it is illegal to hire a data destruction company based only on price? Acting data controllers for a company must perform due diligence in hiring processors, ensuring these vendors demonstrate adequate processes and data security protocols.

So, what does that mean for you, the client? It means you need to know what else to look for in addition to price that will equip you to make a sound buying decision. Understanding that there are a lot of factors to assess, NAID has equipped you with various means to assist you in doing this, including articles on how to look beyond false assurances and utilizing a NAID AAA Certified company.

CSDS are individuals who have studied regulations and secure data destruction best practices and then passed an exam to ensure their competency in this area. They then must maintain their education on this topic by earning a certain level of Continuous Education Units (CEU) annually. Working with a competent industry professional gives you the confidence to know that you’re dealing with a professional who understands this business, this industry, and what it means for regulations, your bottom dollar, and your long-term return on investment. In addition to confidence, they can provide context and perspective on industry information and how it pertains to your business. In light of the trend in fines and fees centric to data breaches and today’s tightening regulations, a CSDS provides the expertise to help keep you compliant – especially when owners/officers can be held personally accountable for company actions. CSDS are an invaluable resource in your B2B relationship.

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