i-SIGMA is the trade association for secure information lifecycle management.

NAID® and PRISM International™ are proud to come together to offer comprehensive information lifecycle management with the backing of the newly formed International Secure Information Governance & Management Association®(i-SIGMA®).

Who is i-SIGMA

NAID® has always been the watchdog association for secure shredding operators worldwide and together with PRISM International™ the joint association now represents all four pillars of records and information management: physical records and information storage, data protection and media vaulting, digitizing and scanning, and confidential records and information destruction services. i-SIGMA® is the umbrella association for these two divisions that stand united, heralding the proper information lifecycle management needed in today’s regulatory climate.

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The divisions of i-SIGMA offer special certifications as a means of validation for services offered.

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i-SIGMA values education. We strive to continuously educate to keep our industry at the forefront.

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i-SIGMA offers membership through its divisions, NAID and PRISM International.

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i-SIGMA offers multiple events throughout the year to support its members from both the NAID and PRISM International divisions and the information governance industry.

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The International Secure Information Governance & Management Association® (i-SIGMA®) formed in 2018 by the joining of two long-established associations in the industry: the National Association for Information® (NAID®) and PRISM International™ (Professional Records and Information Services Management™).

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