That Time I Donated my Outdated Technology

Kelly Martínez, NAID Director of Marketing & Communications I was being responsible and cleaning out our electronics bin. Do you have one of those in the garage? The place where random cords, Ethernet cables, and broken PS2s go until they are needed (ahem – yeah right). I remember coming across lots of outdated goodies like […]

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How to secure your systems against cyber threats

By Angie Singer Keating, Reclamere CEO You most likely already have a firewall and security software to protect your network. Thus, your systems should be well protected from any unattended probes and intrusions from viruses and other malware. However, data thieves can thwart these efforts by using the following, manual means to steal your confidential […]

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Don’t be left behind: Adding scanning services increases shredding revenue

By Andy Sokol, Owner of CopyScan and Dean of Scanning School More businesses than ever are changing the way they think about their paper records. From environmental pressures to cheaper alternatives, document scanning and imaging can revolutionize the shredding industry. Shredding companies that don’t diversify and offer scanning to their existing and future customers will suffer, especially […]

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