Worth the Price of Admission: Implementing Fuel Surcharges for Maximum Effect

March 23, 2022

Fuel Surcharges are often used to mitigate the rising costs of diesel and gas. The problem is they are often used ineffectively… and worse, sometimes illegally.

In an effort to provide the most timely and valuable content, i-SIGMA is proud to announce that the session “How to Make Sure Your Upcoming Price Increase Succeeds,” by CEO Bob Johnson, will now include a segment dedicated to successfully implementing fuel surcharges presented by Shred Metrics co-owner and industry veteran Steve Innerfield.

“There’s a right way and many wrong ways to implement fuel surcharges,” says Innerfield, “and the difference can mean tens of thousands of dollars for the typical operator.”

“How to Make Sure Your Upcoming Price Increase Succeeds,” including supplemental content on “Successfully Maximizing the Benefit of Surcharges,” will be held Monday, 11 April. View the complete conference agenda >>

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