2020 Agenda Overview

The NAID® and PRISM International2020 Conference & Expo conference committee is finalizing timely, profit-focused, success-focused session content. The full agenda will be available on 10 November.

Attendees of the Conference to be Held in Orlando, FL Will Receive:

  • Relevant Business Ideas from Industry Experts
  • Sessions from the Sectors and Categories that Matter to You
  • Multiple Networking Opportunities
  • 40 Hours of Educational Content Aimed Towards Increasing Profitability
  • World’s Only Expo Including Trucks, Dedicated to RIM and Secure Data Destruction Industry Suppliers
  • An Opportunity to Connect with Over 1,000 RIM and Secure Data Destruction Professionals

2020 Event Overview:

May 13 – Pre-Conference Activities

  • Annual Golf Tournament

May 14 – Day One

  • CSDS Exam
  • Special Workshop
  • Exhibit Hall + Truck Expo
  • Educational Sessions
  • Reception + Truck Lot Party

May 15 – Day Two

  • Exhibit Hall + Truck Expo
  • Educational Sessions
  • Awards Luncheon
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Reception

May 16 – Day Three (Ends Approximately 12 pm)

  • Educational Sessions

2020 Pre-Conference Negotiation Workshop

Effectively negotiating is key to every business interaction and yet many still rely completely on intuition, considering it an innate skill, as much an art as it is a science.

But what if they’re wrong? What if negotiation was a science and what if a more tactical approach could significantly improve negotiating outcomes? It would mean they are costing themselves thousands of dollars… or tens of thousands… or, when it comes to selling a business, millions maybe.

Limited Seating! On the morning of Thursday, May 14, before the official kick-off of the conference, i-SIGMA is offering a workshop with Keynote Speaker Michael Klug, one of the world’s foremost negotiation authorities. Those attending this will receive hands-on, real-world training aimed at strengthening business relationships and improving outcomes.

Act Now! After Michael Klug’s Keynote presentation the following day, everyone will wish they had attended this workshop. Register today to make sure you’re one of the few who can say they did.

Register Now

2019 Agenda

The 2020 Agenda will be available on 10 November. Review the 2019 Agenda for the types of exciting sessions that are typically offered during the NAID & PRISM International Annual Conference & Expo.

Session Legend

PRISM International

Wednesday, April 10

Annual Golf Tournament

Session Description: Start The 2019 Conference and Expo off right by joining the Annual Golf Tournament.

Sponsored by: Vecoplan, LLC

Thursday, April 11


Session Description: Want to earn Certified Secure Destruction Specialist Accreditation (CSDS)? Learn more about this prestigious accreditation. Study and prepare to become an expert in the industry and then take the CSDS exam during NAID 2019.

Registration is required to take the exam. Please contact Katie Mahoney for the registration form.

Exhibit Hall Open

Take advantage of the Early Bird Exhibit Hour. The NAID & PRISM International Conference Exhibit Hall affords the only opportunity to meet with dozens upon dozens of Information Destruction and RIM vendors. Walk the Exhibit floor to make new contacts and network with different exhibitors, including but not limited to those in the business of shredding equipment, bailing, sorting, handling equipment, paper recyclers/brokers, containers, consoles, carts, software, racking, storage, scanning, imagining, and more.

Town Hall

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: General
Panel: i-SIGMA Executive Committee Members
Session Description:  NAID & PRISM International Members, come ready to hear directly from the i-SIGMA Executive Committee. Topics will include what is happening at the core of our association within our membership.

Future Leaders Learning Lab Featuring Tom Adams

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Networking
Facilitator:Tom Adams, Flourish Press
Session Description: More than just employees – future industry leaders. There are many stepping stones to success. i-SIGMA is hosting an event at this year’s Annual Conference specifically dedicated to foster rising leaders in your organization on this path. Spend time with other young industry professionals within the NAID and PRISM International community. Meet new people while having fun in a facilitated, interactive learning experience led by Tom Adams. Return with new contacts, additional tools, and inspiration to grow your organization to new heights. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

For the record, this two-hour learning lab is specifically designed for members under the age of 37. If you are 38 or older, we’ll be vigorously checking IDs at the event door.

Sponsored by: Shred Nations and Record Nations

The Safe Way is the Only Way

Sector: Data Destruction
Category: Operations
Presenter: Renee Schafer, CSDS, Data Security, Inc.
Session Description: To degauss… or to shred? That is the question. Both meet all governmental and private standards for complete destruction, so is one really better than the other? This session will evaluate all the options. Attendees will walk away informed on best practices and how to defend their answer.

Diversification Strategies for Records and Information Management Services

Sector: RIM
Category: Owners
Panelists: Paul Kearns, Kefron Group Limited; Marshall Stevens, Stevens & Stevens BRM, Inc.; Steve Richards, CSDS, Richards & Richards, LLC
Session Description: Thirty years ago, moving companies diversified into information management. Twenty years ago, information management services diversified into data destruction and scanning. Whether selling an existing business or strengthening it, there are emerging business opportunities for serial entrepreneurs unwilling to simply sail off into the sunset. Attendees will hear RIM professionals discuss these emerging opportunities.

Sponsored by: Andrews Software, Inc.

How We Built and Sold Our Business

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Owners
Presenters: Steve Innerfield, CSDS, ShredMetrics;Tobi Innerfield, CSDS,  ShredMetrics
Session Description: In September 2010 Steve and Tobi Innerfield started Quality Shredding in their back bedroom.  Seven and a half years later they sold their successful regional shredding company to a national provider. In this candid discussion, the Innerfields will share a roadmap of things they wished they knew earlier, mistakes they made (and things that worked out too), and what companies need have to have nailed down before they can even think about selling their business.  They’ll pay special attention to financial facts owners will need at their fingertips, how to have clean books when the time comes, and the value of NAID AAA Certification. Attendees will learn how they built and sold their business so someday they can successfully do the same.

Sponsored by: K-2 Partners

Getting a Return on Media Destruction

Sector: Data Destruction
Categories: Owners
Presenters: Katie Fletcher, CSDS, Data Security, Inc.
Session Description: Everyone loves a good return on investment. Discover how to extend the life of your shredder, supercharge downstream recycling efforts, and maximize your destruction ROI. Industry expert Katie Fletcher, CSDS, who works closely with the NSA, shares her insights with business owners on this key business topic.

Up-Selling Strategies for Records and Information Management Services

Sector: RIM
Category: Sales & Marketing
Panelists: Gail Bisbee, i-SIGMA; Roy Radigan, InfoStore Records Center
Session Description: Add-on products and services are great for getting more revenue from existing clients. They also can work as crucial door-openers when pursuing new clients. In this session, panelists will describe their success in growing their business by extending their service offerings.

Sponsored by: Compliance Publishing

The Emerging Value of Holistic Business Management Systems

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category:  Owners
Presenter: John Lund, EntreSmart
Session Description: Thousands of entrepreneurial companies around the world are running on The Entrepreneurial Operating System®. Their owners and leaders are getting more of what they want from the business, and you can too. What is it about EOS® that makes it work so well in a small, growing business?

  • Built for Busy Entrepreneurs. EOS is made up of simple concepts and practical tools that can be easily applied in a fast-paced small business. There’s no theory, no management fads – just basic, useful tools that help people get more of the right stuff done every week.
  • Holistic Model and Approach. EOS doesn’t treat symptoms – it helps you cure the “whole body” by strengthening the Six Key Components™ of your business – Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction.
  • Designed to Solve Issues Once and For All. By helping you and your team focus on the “root cause” of your issues – EOS takes you below the surface to produce real, permanent change.
  • Brings Focus, Discipline and Accountability. EOS is a simple framework for defining what’s important, who owns it, and exactly what success looks like. With every member of your team accountable for a handful of goals and numbers, you’ll get consistently better results.

Reception in the Exhibit Hall

Session Description: Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network, greet old friends and make new acquaintances. This reception in the Exhibit Hall provides an excellent opportunity to network, meet with vendors, and make new business connections in a relaxed atmosphere. Drinks and appetizers will be served.

Sponsored by: Shred-Tech, LLC

Truck Lot Party

Session Description: The best way to end the first day of a riveting conference and expo? With a block party of course! We take tailgating to the next level by bringing in mobile shred vehicles for the event. Mix. Mingle. Check out the latest in mobile shredding technology. Find a service provider. Network. Eat. Drink. Laugh. This event is not one to miss.

*Location is Weather Permitting

Sponsored by: Shred-Tech, LLC

Friday, April 12

Morning Coffee & Tea

Enjoy morning coffee & tea, and take advantage of the opportunity to network with colleagues.

Sponsored by: Vecoplan, LLC

Annual General Membership Meeting

Session Description: NAID & PRISM International Members, come ready to hear directly from the i-SIGMA Executive Committee. Topics will include what is happening at the core of our association within our membership.

Exhibit Hall Open

NAID & PRISM 2019 affords the only opportunity to meet with dozens upon dozens of Information Destruction and RIM vendors. Walk the Exhibit floor to make new contacts and network with different exhibitors, including but not limited to those in the business of shredding equipment, bailing, sorting, handling equipment, paper recyclers/brokers, containers, consoles, carts, software, racking, storage, scanning, imagining, and more.

Note: The Exhibit Hall will be closed during the following times on Friday:

  • 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm for the Awards Luncheon
  • 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm for our Keynote Speaker presentation

The Future of Tape: A Town Hall Discussion

Sector: RIM
Category: General
Panelists: Michael Payton, CSDS, Augusta Data Storage; Bob Johnson, i-SIGMA; Christopher Jones, Secure Records Storage; Scott Reis, CSDS; DataSafe, Inc.
Session Description: RIM professionals with an interest in expanding their tape vaulting and backup businesses, will want to join former DPA president Michael Payton, CSDS, Scott Reis and i-SIGMA Co-President Christopher Jones in this moderated discussion regarding the future of tape in managing vital records and business continuity, as well as PRISM International’s role in the evolving marketplace.

Evolving for Profits and Survival: Growing from a Shredder into a Data Security Company

Sector: Data Destruction
Category: Sales & Marketing
Presenter: Steven Green, CSR Privacy Solutions, Inc.
Session Description: Is a shred-only business model sustainable or will companies that only offer shredding services die off? What if a shredding company could market itself as a data security company? By addressing and providing solutions to data privacy and security concerns, CSR shows you how to leverage this widespread epidemic to position your RIM/shred company as an industry leader.

Sponsored by: Boehringer Capital

Scanning for Profit: How to Make Money in the Project-Oriented World of Scanning Services

Sector: RIM
Category: Owners
Panelists: Gail Bisbee, i-SIGMA; Dan Fawcett, Morgan Records Management
Session Description: The knock on imaging services echo across the RIM services landscape: it’s a hustle, it’s up and down, it’s sporadic, it’s not profitable. In this panel, RIM professionals who have created a consistent and profitable revenue stream from scanning and imaging service will explain how they achieved success where others could not.

Guerrilla Focus: How to Brand a Data Destruction and Information Management Company in a Single Market

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Sales & Marketing
Panelists: John M. Anderson, CSDS, Shred 360; Jeff Green, Allshred Services; Paul Swenson, Citadel Information Management
Session Description: Every company needs to know how to stand out in their market. It takes more than running a great company – it takes building a brand. Attendees will learn how to develop a brand for their company, how that is different than marketing your services, and why it is so important to capturing and retaining service-contract business that is sustainable.

A Practical Approach to Employee Health and Safety in the Data Destruction and RIM Industry

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Operations
Panelists: David Reagler, Arkansas Records Management; Renee Pryor, Shred-X Secure Destruction; Darrell Kendall, ISRI
Session Description: It happens in the blink an eye. Worse than changing “X Days without an Accident” to zero is everything that comes with it. The individual who was hurt is a part of your team; you know their family and care for them as a person. The situation impacts your entire team. It definitely impacts production. And then there is the nightmare of paperwork and the tightness in your chest about “fault”….

This panel will cover a wide array of often overlooked health and safety issues, with an eye toward lowering insurance premiums and undergoing OSHA scrutiny.


Morning Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

Enjoy morning refreshments, and take advantage of the opportunity to network with colleagues or learn more about the available products and services while walking the Exhibit Hall.

Sponsored by: KEITH Mfg.Co.,LLC

Trends in the Electronics Disposal Industry (Parts 1 & 2) Featuring Jerry Powell and John Shegerian

Sector: Data Destruction
Category: Owners, Start-Ups, Electronics
Presenters: Jerry Powell, Resource Recycling & John Shegerian, CEO, ERI
Session Description: No electronics recycler can afford to ignore their role in data destruction. Furthermore, no paper shredder can afford to ignore the fact that electronic media is something their clients need.

This session brings together two titans of the electronics recycling industry to examine it from two perspectives. In Part 1 of this session, the publisher of E-SCRAP magazine and organizer of the highly-regarded E-SCRAP Conference will provide a critical overview of the electronic disposals industries best-practices and trends. In Part 2, John Shegerian, CEO and co-founder of the ERI will describe how his firm is changing buyers’ perspective on I.T. asset management and disposal.

Sponsored by: Data Security, Inc.

Thinking Outside the Box: Value-Added RIM Services that Build Sustained Revenue and Customer Loyalty

Sector: RIM
Category: Owners
Panelists: Christopher Jones, Secure Records Solutions; Michael L. Payton, CSDS, Augusta Data Storage, Inc.; Ken Stender, Corodata Shredding
Session Description: IBM and Xerox were built as brick and mortar manufacturing operations. Not anymore. To thrive in a changing environment, they used their expertise to drive business. They have never been more successful. RIM service providers find themselves in the same position. This session will explain how to make the transition. Among the topics covered are hiring and training the right sales staff, client decision making, client needs, and the regulatory climate that is creating the opportunity.

Sponsored by: CSR Privacy Solutions, Inc.

Analog Sales and Marketing (That Compliments Your Online Presence)

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Sales & Marketing
Panelists: Natasha Rawley, Archive Document Data Storage;Dawn Connelly,All Points Mobile Shredding; Ray Barry, Shred America
Session Description: Did you know you can magnify the effectiveness of web-driven inquiries by coordinating your outbound sales efforts? In this session, members who use both SEO and good ole fashioned networking, explain how one feeds the other for maximum results.

Lowering Risk During Transportation and How it Translates to Higher Sales and Profits

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Operations
Panelists: Greg Haber, Babaco; Dag Adamson, Destroy Drive; Bob Johnson, i-SIGMA
Session Description: With all new regulations like the GDPR, Canadian protection act and now Colorado’s new regulations everyone should be aware of their exposure. You can’t just assume that insurance will cover your risk while the trucks are transporting your customers’ information.

Attend this session to hear from a panel of experts who will discuss the various risks, what a loss would mean to a company, as well as how to actively mitigate them to keep your business in business and running smoother. Then, learn how lowered risk can translate to profit.

Sponsored by: Data Security, Inc.

Awards Luncheon

Session Description: Join NAID & PRISM International for the association’s annual Awards Luncheon. Enjoy catching up with colleagues and discover who will earn Member of the Year.

NOTE: While there is no additional cost to attend the Awards Luncheon, this is a ticketed event. Please register during the registration process.

Sponsored by: Jake, Connor & Crew
Please note, during the Awards Luncheon, the exhibit hall is closed.

Sticking Points Featuring Tom Adams

Sector: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Feature
Presenter: Tom Adams, Flourish Press
Session Description: Some entrepreneurs never get past being the only employee of their business. Some get to a place where they manage a small team but are never able to build to managing an operational management team. There are some obvious reasons that these happen. In this session, we will discover why business growth gets stuck at certain thresholds and provide some concrete ideas about what to do about it.

Sponsored by: Allegheny Shredders

Maximizing Account Profitability

Sector: Data Destruction
Category: Operations
Presenter: Joe Roberto, CSDS, Shred-Tech
Session Description: We go along for years, happy to get any account we can. Time passes, the number of customers increase, we add more overhead, equipment, and employees. But are we really making as much profit as we could? How much are we leaving on the table? In this session, the founder of one of the most successful secure destruction companies in the world, and the current Vice President of Sales and Marketing for one of the world’s most highly-regarded shredder manufacturers, will explain how to guarantee you’re making money on every account.

Sponsored by: Jake, Connor & Crew

Navigating Conversions: How to Make Money and Build Loyalty by Helping Clients Convert from Analog to Digital Records Management

Sector: RIM
Category: Owners
Panelists: Christopher Jones, Secure Records Solutions; Salman Alsudeary, Tejoury Company LTD; Tom Fetters, Iron Mountain Inc.
Session Description: The choice between swimming upstream or going with the flow seems relatively straightforward. RIM service providers ready to embrace the migration will not only expand their client base and revenue stream, they often find themselves adding more boxes. In this session, RIM service providers will learn what digital migration looks like, and why the worlds of medicine (from large institutions to general practitioners) and finance (from national providers to local credit unions) are uniquely suited to this approach.

Win the Local Online Sales Battle

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Sales & Marketing
Presenter: Drew Dekker, NetGain SEO
Session Description: There’s not much value in a website if prospective customers can’t find it in their moment of need. This valuable session uncovers strategies to beat competitors in local searches and dominate Google’s map stack.  Learn how to increase visibility and generate new leads through digital marketing. This enlightening discussion unveils the latest trends in online marketing and how to stand out in a mobile-first marketplace. For those wanting to take their marketing even further, this session covers the best pay-per-click techniques to attract new shredding and storage customers.

STOP Multi-Tasking and FOCUS!!

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Operations
Presenter: Connie Mastovich, Reclamere, Inc.
Session Description: The workforce is so busy and technology has made it so easy, that everyone has adopted a multitasking mentality. Many people say that if they did only one thing at a time, they would never get done. However, research shows that the opposite is, in fact, true. Discover how applying this concept to your operations could make your teams more efficient and at the end of the day, more profitable.

Afternoon Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

Join colleagues for refreshments and a great networking opportunity inside the Exhibit Hall.

Sponsored by: Allegheny Shredders

Keynote Speaker Presentation Featuring Howie Long

Sector: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Feature
Keynote Speaker:  Howie Long, FOX NFL Analyst, Member of Pro Football Hall of Fame

Session Description: Synonymous with individual performance, personal responsibility, preparation, training, teamwork, leadership, and coaching is Howie Long, FOX NFL Analyst, Member of Pro Football Hall of Fame. Attend the NAID & PRISM International 2019 Conference and Expo and hear him describe how you can use the same traits that made him a champion to create a successful business yourself.

Please note, the exhibit hall is closed during the Keynote Speaker Presentation.

Sponsored by: Shred-it/Stericycle,Inc.

Reception in the Exhibit Hall

Session Description: Don’t miss out on the second evening’s reception, held in the exhibit hall. It provides an excellent opportunity to network, meet with vendors, and make new business connections in a relaxed atmosphere. Drinks and appetizers will be served.

Sponsored by: Iron Mountain


Saturday, April 13

Morning Coffee & Tea

Enjoy morning coffee & tea, and take advantage of the opportunity to network with colleagues.

Sponsored by: Vecoplan, LLC

Diversification Strategies for Destruction Services

Sector: Data Destruction
Category: Owners
Panelists: Renee Keener, American Document Securities; Nik Williams, Shredall Ltd. Hank Bergt, Sustainable Services
Session Description: By strategically diversifying, hundreds of successful service providers have capitalized on their existing client base and existing service platforms to increase sales and customer loyalty. The types of services added include medical waste hauling, scanning, storage, hard drive shredding, computer refurbishing & recycling and consulting. In this session, secure destruction service providers who have profitability added services will share the secrets of their success. The panel will also discuss a host to emerging services arising from GDPR-like regulations in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

What a Successful Information Governance Professional Looks Like

Sector: RIM
Category: Sales & Marketing
Panelists: Andrew Ysasi, VRC Companies, LLC – Grand Rapids; Joseph Harford, CSDS, Reclamere, Inc.; Stacey Lombardo, Infoshred, LLC
Session Description: What does a successful RIM salesperson look like today? What will they look like tomorrow and five years from now? What’s in their toolkit? What products and services are they selling? How does the organization’s marketing support them? How are they best compensated? Who are they talking to? How are they taking the decision-making process to a higher level? These are only a handful of the questions this session will address. It’s no longer a game of shoe leather and SEO. In this session, a panel of RIM service providers and consultants will describe how to hire and train the people to lead the charge to business growth in emerging information governance environment.

Implications of Latest Information Management and Destruction Sector Trends for Business Owners

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Owners
Presenter: Vladimir R Vasak, K-2 Partners; Bob Miller, K-2 Partners
Session Description: The merging of PRISM International and NAID is the perfect opportunity for a holistic review of industry trends and their impacts on our businesses. We are bombarded with lots of mixed messages and seemingly contradictory signals.

We hear the industry is mature and consolidating, yet new entrants keep coming. Industry sector growth ranges from contracting/flat in some sectors to aggressively positive in others. Is expansion into adjacent market sectors in search of growth smart? Or a mistake?

Clients seek innovative solutions, increased technology, and higher service security and levels, yet the industry is becoming commoditized and prices are falling.

Where are the opportunities and the traps? Is all growth good? How should a business owner navigate the minefield?

As 30+ year industry veterans who have founded, innovated, consolidated, bought, and sold countless businesses in the Information Management and Destruction industry, the presenters are uniquely positioned to provide insights into where the industry is heading and more importantly for business owners, where the opportunities (and the pitfalls) lie.

Sponsored by: Allegheny Shredders

Selling to Complex and Prestige Accounts

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Sales & Marketing
Panelists: Brian Gubbels, CSDS, DataShield Corporation; Michael Fruchter, Total Records Information Management, LLC
Session Description: How to crack the TOUGH account. You know, where you’ve submitted a proposal and met with the “budget maker”, those with fiscal responsibility and they go with minimum requirements and/or a more competitive price. Or how about a client who lists “meeting NAID requirements” in their specifications, yet opt to engage with a vendor who does not meet those requirements. In most smaller markets and maybe even some larger ones, the compliance or risk officer is clearly in way over their heads. Reviewing the data protection laws either insults their intelligence or “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it”. Discover techniques to sell through these situations so that you are the last man standing.

Sponsored by: Babaco

The Second Location and Beyond

Sector: Data Destruction
Category: Owners
Panelists: Jarret Silagyi, Allshred Services, Inc.; John M. Anderson, CSDS, Shred 360; Richard Steed, Pacific Records Management
Session Description: Adding services isn’t the only way to grow. Many service providers have added revenue by adding a second market. After all, success isn’t an accident. Any prospering service provider can add a second market, often for far less than the first, and often achieving profitability much faster than the first time. In this session, service providers who successfully went from one market to a second and even a third will explain what worked and what didn’t, putting attendees well ahead of the learning curve.

How to Acquire Profitable Small Accounts to Create a Big Business

Sector: RIM
Category: Sales & Marketing
Panelists: Bowman Richards, CSDS, Richards & Richards, LLC; Scott Fasken, Colorado Document Security; Brian Connelly, All Points Mobile Shredding 
Session Description: The low hanging fruit is gone, or on a shelf somewhere. But there’s plenty of it higher in the tree. Getting it simply takes some strategic agility and a little work. To push the analogy a little further, it just happens to be the sweetest fruit of all. Storage business from medium and small accounts is still dramatically less vetted, there are fewer competitors vying for it, and it’s a lot more profitable. In this session, attendees will learn tried and true strategies for economically growing their medium and small business customer base. Topics include how to use regulatory drivers and government-provided economic incentives to prompt a more disciplined approach to information management in small customers.

Regulatory Updates for Records and Information Services

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Owners
Presenter: Bob Johnson, i-SIGMA
Session Description: The number of data protection and privacy regulations recently passed and proposed across the U.S. and around the world has never been higher. While they all hold the promise of higher demand for information management and disposition, service providers will need to take action in order to reap those benefits. Attendees will leave this panel understanding the laws and knowing what they need to do in order to maximize the opportunity.

Sponsored by: Data Security, Inc.

Managing the Top Human Resource Challenges Facing Records Management and Destruction Service Providers

Sectors: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Owners
Panelists: Ken Williams, The Shred Authority; Tom Simpson, AAA Certified Confidential Security Corp.; Amanda Cavanah, CSDS, Access; Brian Gubbels, CSDS, DataShield Corporation
Session Description: Data destruction and RIM service providers around the world have found themselves facing the same challenge: Finding and Keeping Good Workers. Competing for talent in a sizzling economy is a struggle for some, and nearly impossible for others. In this session, a panel of service providers able to attract and retain employees will share how. Among the topics discussed are inexpensive perks with a high value to employees, non-economic rewards, compensation strategies to ensure longevity, and painless profit sharing.

The Last Domino: How Removing the “Proof of Damages” Will Intensify Demand for Data Protection and Governance Services Featuring Dr. Ross Federgreen

Sector: Data Destruction & RIM
Category: Feature
Presenter: Dr. Ross Federgreen, CSR Privacy Solutions, Inc. 
Session Description: Historically, data breach lawsuits have been summarily dismissed due to the requirement to show actual damages – an almost impossible threshold to meet. Recently, however, California’s new Consumer Privacy Act and a number of other laws and precedents have maintained that the breach itself is damaging. As a result of this growing trend, any data breach could lead to a successful (and expensive) class action lawsuit. As this happens, the cost will dwarf fines and breach notification costs. It will become so expensive to risk a breach that no organization can bear it. In this environment, data protection simply becomes an existential imperative. Discover how to use this logic with clients to win more business.

Session names, descriptions, speakers and/or panelists are subject to change.