The Road to the i-SIGMA Elections

February 24, 2022

It is once again time for i-SIGMA’s yearly election to fill open seats on the Board of Directors. To aid in the smooth and proper completion of this election, the i-SIGMA team has provided a detailed layout of this year’s election process for its members.

The election process begins with nominations, which ran this year from 1 November to 30 November.

The nominated candidates, now referred to as the Slate of Candidates, are first vetted and reviewed by the rotating i-SIGMA Nominating Committee before being approved by the current Board of Directors. The candidates for this year were approved by the Board of Directors on 19 January.

The Slate of Candidates is then announced to Members. This year’s announcement was put out to Members on 10 February.

To aid their campaign and in accordance with the rules of our elections, all of the Candidates must provide a Candidate Information Form (CIF). These forms are published in the Member portal. The CIFs for current candidates can be found on the Member’s Only Portal in the Digital Library under the Elections folder.

Candidates also have the option of providing bios and videos to further their campaign and introduce themselves to constituents. The provided bios and videos for this year’s candidates are available on i-SIGMA’s website.

Two town halls where members can ask questions of the candidates and inform their vote further are then held.

The first town hall, intended for Candidates campaigning for Officer positions, is scheduled for 3 March at 2pm Eastern (14:00 ET). You can RSVP for this webinar here.

The second town hall, intended for candidates campaigning for Director positions, is scheduled for 4 March at 2pm Eastern (14:00 ET). You can RSVP for this webinar here.

The election itself is then held and will run this year from 1 March at 11am Eastern (11:00 ET) to 31 March at 5pm Eastern (17:00 ET).

The ballots are sent out digitally to all Service Provider Member Voting Representatives. This year they will be delivered on 1 March, with two reminders going out before the election’s end to make sure everyone votes in time.

All renewed Member Service Providers will have one ballot sent to their voting representative (primary contact). If any Members have questions about who is designated as the primary contact for their membership, they should email i-SIGMA staff.

If your organization has not yet renewed, you will not be allowed to participate in this election.

The election is operated by a third-party company and i-SIGMA staff has no access to the results until the election closes.

Candidates are notified of the results of the election first, and i-SIGMA will notify all of this year’s candidates on 4 April of their outcome of the election.

The results are then broadcast to all Members through email. The email announcement for this year will be sent on 5 April through email.

The newly elected Board Members are then inducted into their positions. This year, the new Board Members will be inducted at the Annual Conference Lunch Meeting.

If members have any questions regarding this election or the processes surrounding it, they can reach out to i-SIGMA staff.

We look forward to everyone’s participation in this important process. No matter who you vote for, you are choosing the people who will lead our industry into the future and uphold the professional standards established here at i-SIGMA.