i-SIGMA Board Approves 2019 Consumer Attitude Study

March 13, 2019

A Consumer Attitude Study to determine the preferences, habits, awareness and regulatory compliance of records storage and data destruction decision-makers in North America and Australia has been approved by the i-SIGMA Board of Directors.

When the association conducted a similar survey over a decade ago it benefited both members and the association for many years after according to i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson.

“What we learned in the first survey about decision maker habits, beliefs, and level of awareness allowed us to craft messages to overcome misconceptions in the marketplace,” said Johnson. “It was directly responsible for the success of many of our programs, including certification.”

Johnson is also quick to share how the study benefits individual members. “When we can tell members what decision makers are thinking, what they know, and what they prefer by the size of company, the industry they are in, and their location, not only can we develop tools for them, but they can better position themselves. And by sharing our results with lawmakers, they too can better understand what they are up against when creating and enforcing new regulations.”

The study will employ state-of-the-art surveying methodology and be conducted by an accredited third-party service.  As approved, the survey will be completed in time for an unveiling at the upcoming i-SIGMA Conference in Sydney, Australia in July.

Update: Consumer Attitude Study Now Published. View Report.