Data Protection Association (DPA) Rolls into i-SIGMA

March 19, 2019

A proposal for the Data Protection Association (DPA) to formally wrap into i-SIGMA has been accepted by the i-SIGMA and DPA Boards of Directors. As a result, the mission of the DPA to represent the interests of tape backup and storage vendors will be embedded in the overall mission of i-SIGMA in representing all records and information management service providers.

DPA President Michael Payton said the decision to integrate with
i-SIGMA came after observing the recent PRISM International/NAID merger. “Associations need strong infrastructure and horsepower to be effective,” said Payton. “Once we saw how both NAID and PRISM International benefited by combining their resources and expertise, we wanted those same benefits for our members.”

As part of the roll-up, the i-SIGMA board has provided assurances to the DPA, all largely focused on ensuring data vaulting and tape backup would receive its share of attention and resource in the larger organization. Such reassurances included specified involvement in the PRISM International Leadership Committee, allocation of resources to education and advocacy, and development of programs dedicated to marketing and research.

“We are both humbled and appreciative of the DPA’s decision,” said i-SIGMA Co-President Christopher Jones. “i-SIGMA is emerging as a collaborative community of secure records, media and information management service providers. It was the vision from the beginning, and it is heartening to see it coming to fruition.”

A moderated discussion regarding the DPA and its integration will be held during the 2019 NAID & PRISM International Conference & Expo the morning of April 12 during the “The Future of Tape: A Town Hall Discussion” in Denver, CO. Attendees can discuss how the association will integrate the DPA mission into the association’s overall strategy. Additionally, the many records and information management panel discussions at the conference will include content attentive and relevant to tape backup and storage.