Additional Resources for Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic (7 April Update)

April 7, 2020

i-SIGMA continues to be here as a resource to members during this time of evolving difficulty. Here are updates for members this week:

Webinar: How to Maintain Your Sanity and Manage the Scary in Order to Lead in These Uncertain Times

As a business owner or leader attempting to manage your life, family and business during this unprecedented time, the sheer magnitude of it can make you feel completely unglued. As days turn to weeks, fear of the unknown increases, financial uncertainty is amplified and our inner equilibrium is lost. If you are experiencing intense emotional reactions, or feeling frozen and checked out, if you’ve become hyper-vigilant and amped, if your personal vices are taking over, or you just don’t feel like yourself, this session is for you.

In this webinar, Tom Adams will share with you practical thinking frameworks, supportive actions, tools and practices to manage your mental stability and emotional health during this ever-more-consuming crisis. In doing so, you will be a little more capable to lead yourself, your team and your company through the uncertain and scary days ahead. There is no fee for this event. CSDS, this webinar is also worth 2 CEUs.

Join us this Thursday, 9 April at 2:00 pm EDT for this webinar.

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Update: A Look at COVID-19 From Italy, and How Day-to-Day Life Remains Altered

NAID & PRISM International Member Representative Giovanna Giulia Spadoni, GM & DPO for Omtra Srl, shares how COVID-19 has continued to affect day to day life in Milan, Italy.
Update from Milan >>

COVID-19 Additional Resources

Our association has put together valuable resources to navigate the constant changes taking place with COVID-19. Refer to this resource often, as this list is updated regularly.

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