Additional Resources for Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic (5 June Update)

June 5, 2020

i-SIGMA continues to be here as a resource to members during this time of evolving difficulty. Here are updates for members this week:

Discover Resources Offered From Associate Members

i-SIGMA has compiled a list of additional resources for members, being offered by i-SIGMA Associate Members during this time. Whether it is free COVID-19 training, payment assistance, special pricing, and more, our Associate Members are here to make sure your businesses continue to grow. Below is a list of what some of our members are offering. Head to our resources page for the full details.

Bins4 Shredding
Our Security Shred Bag allows shredders clients to collect sensitive materials from the comfort of their own home and stay compliant with either pickups or a designated drop off location. We have created a generic spec sheet that we can customize with a shredder’s company logo and contact details (free of charge) to help them market this service.

EZshred Software Systems
During COVID-19, EZshred’s intuitive design has lent itself to: Cancelling a customer’s future stops with a few clicks and still be able to calculate present and future lost revenue; Cancelling a customer entirely with one click and then being able to restore the customer in the future with one click and not lose all your detailedsetup information; Completely re-optimize routes with the remaining stops with a few clicks of the mouse; Work from home via our cloud.

Jake, Connor & Crew
Our JAKE Foundation has supported many charities fighting COVID-19 worldwide. As well, we wanted to demonstrate our continued support to our customers and industry in a tangible way by “Giving Back” and offering the lowest pricing EVER on our full catalogue of products until August 31st, 2020.

JT Environmental Consulting
JT Environmental Consulting has been assisting organizations throughout the COVID-19 crisis by offering remote consulting services thanks to documentation sharing programs as well as live on-site assistance via several applications. We recently assisted during a live R2 audit via GoToMeeting, which not only helped the client, but also the auditor through the remote auditing process of reviewing documentation.

As the depth of the business shutdowns became clear, ShredMetrics added new features to Q-Shred to give easy reporting on cancellations and rescheduling requests. Then we added a new tool into our mobile app: a way for drivers to properly mark a ticket when they showed up and the building was shuttered closed without warning!

Trans Lease
Many of our mobile shredding customers experienced a slow down or stoppage of their business during the Pandemic. We offer payment relief for those in need, helping them meet critical other needs in their business.

Total Recall Software by DHS Worldwide
Over the course of a series of educational webinars, DHS’s team of industry experts helped to share information to meet the challenges of today, including: Best methods for servicing customers considering social distancing; Tips for protecting your customers and staff; Best security practices when working from home; New alternative service methods to generate revenue; Best practices for ensuring strong customer communications and more.

Waking Up Workplace Trainings
As a training company offering NAID AAA and PRISM Privacy+ Audit item 1.3 for certification, we are passionate about providing the best data available in our courses. We are excited to have the opportunity to share a free COVID-19 course with you. It was created and provided by Udutu Learning Solutions Inc., a major provider of course authoring tools and LMS (Learning Management Systems).

Full List of Resources Available From Associate Members

COVID-19 Additional Resources

i-SIGMA has put together valuable resources to navigate the constant changes taking place with COVID-19. Refer to this resource often, as this list is updated regularly, including FAQs, webinar recordings, links to social media to stay connected, government resources, and more.

Association Resources in Response to COVID-19