Thank you, NAID!

By Ray Barry, NAID Deputy Director As my time as a NAID staff member is drawing to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on how NAID has helped those of us who have utilized NAID’s tools and resources. I have a bit of a unique perspective since I have been employed […]

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Not designating an accountable decision maker can be fatal

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO From the dawn of sales, sales professionals have struggled with the task of getting to the decision maker. It’s frustrating to discuss the benefits of a solution, if the person is incapable (or resistant) of understanding the need or, too often, incapable of making the decision. But as frustrating as […]

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NAID 2016 wants your session ideas, mostly

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Earlier this week, the 2016 NAID Conference Committee sent out a call for presentations for the NAID 2016 Annual Conference. Though the event is still nine months away, the planning starts years in advance. Typically, session content is something we like to get pinned down by September. First of all, […]

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