Worth the Price of Admission: Buying or Selling a Used Shred Truck

January 26, 2022

At some point, every i-SIGMA Service Provider Member will face the potential of either selling a used shred truck or buying one. Many will likely face both. Not only do these decisions involve tens of thousands of dollars up front, they also have a long-term (positive or negative) impact on the bottom-line. In this session, seasoned industry veterans who are well-versed about buying and selling used shred trucks will discuss the pros and cons of new versus used, what a “good-buy” looks like, the best time to part with a vehicle to get maximum value, and much more. This session clearly belongs among those that – in and of themselves – are worth more than the price of attending this year’s i-SIGMA Conference.

The session Maximizing the Value of Buying or Selling a Used Shred Truck will be held Monday, 11 April at 2 pm EDT during the 2022 i-SIGMA Conference and Expo. Panelists include John Anderson of Shred 360 of Irmo, SC, USA, Brian Connelly of All Points Mobile Shredding of Stuart, FL, USA, and Brock Miller, CSDS of Shred Northwest of Gresham, OR, USA.