Workforce Woes: Flash Survey Results

September 9, 2021

In the face of continuing concern over workforce stability, i-SIGMA launched another of its popular Flash Surveys. What follows is a breakdown of member-responses regarding their ability to attract and retain service personnel and their response to vaccination requirements.

Has your firm had any difficulty hiring new employees? 

No – We’re not hiring                    20%

No – There are many candidates   8%

Yes – Primarily Drivers                   29%

Yes – For various positions            41%

Has your firm had any difficulty retaining existing employees? 

No                                                   69%

Yes – For various positions            18%

Yes – Primarily Drivers                   11%

Is your firm taking a different approach to attracting new employees? 

No                         50%

Yes                        50%

Has your firm offered any new incentives to retain existing employees? 

No                         54%

Yes                        45%

Has your firm increased wages to retain or attract employees? 

No                                                   22%

Yes, by approx. 5%                         23%

Yes, by approx. 10%                       40%

Yes, by 20% or more                      13%

Has difficulty hiring or retaining employees affected your firm’s ability to serve clients?

No          80%

Yes         20%

Has difficulty hiring or retaining employees kept your firm from pursing new service opportunities?  

No          61%

Yes         39%

Have any of your clients required that your firm’s service personnel are vaccinated?                                                                           

No          67%

Yes         32%

Have you required your service personnel to be vaccinated?                                                    

No          85%

Yes         15%