Why you should use NAID tools designed for the industry

February 7, 2013

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

In the not-too-distant past, some members would say they were not getting NAID Certified because many customers were not aware of it. Similarly, I recently talked with an industry professional who was considering becoming a Certified Secure Destruction Specialist (CSDS). The thing holding him back was that it was not recognized like the more well known CPA or MBA credentials.

But what would you think if a mechanic walked into the hardware store and said, “I need to return this screw driver.” When the clerk asked why, he said, “Because it doesn’t work unless I pick it up, insert it into the screw and turn it.”

Sounds ridiculous, right?

NAID AAA Certification and CSDS are tools for secure destruction professionals. They are meant to be used.

NAID Certification verifies appropriate regulatory language in service providers’ policies and security through its built-in, routine audits. In doing so, it fulfills the clients’ legal responsibility. This gives service providers an amazingly powerful tool: it provides client compliance.

As I have written before, the CSDS accreditation acknowledges an understanding of a broad range of industry issues. At this point in time, the initials are not where the real value is; the value comes from the ability to apply the knowledge. The confidence that comes from knowing what you are talking about is invaluable to the sales process. Further, whether seeking out speaking or writing opportunities (which is part of your job, like it or not), your credentials add to your credibility.

The same goes for the Doctors’ Office Marketing Program, the Customer Employee Training Program, the Compliance Toolkit and other NAID programs. As I said, they are tools. They are meant to be used, not just to hang from a peg board behind the workbench.