What Happened to the Medical Waste Management Association?

January 30, 2019

Several NAID members have recently asked about the dissolution of the Medical Waste Management Association (MWMA).

According to i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson, it’s understandable that members would come to i-SIGMA with questions. “A few years ago, NAID helped a group of members start a standalone trade organization for the medical waste industry,” he said. “Even though there was never any legal overlap and even though MWMA had its own Board of Directors and bylaws, because NAID helped them get started, some people got the impression the associations were connected.”

In the closing months of 2018, the MWMA Board of Directors voted to dissolve the organization due to a combination of things, including low membership numbers and forthcoming changes in the association’s management team.

Johnson adds, “This was a decision made by the MWMA Board, taking into consideration the information they had and the challenges they faced at the time.”