The Value of Offsite Storage 

March 24, 2023

Offsite storage can provide many benefits to a business, including increased security and disaster recovery capabilities. Offsite storage is valuable to an organization for the following reasons and more: 

  1. Increased security: By storing data offsite, you can protect it from physical threats such as fires, floods, and theft, as well as unwanted employee access; good offsite security includes access control and protocols. 
  2. Disaster recovery: Offsite storage can provide a reliable backup of important data in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency. 
  3. Compliance: Certain industries, such as finance and healthcare, have strict regulations regarding data storage and protection. Offsite storage can help organizations comply with these regulations, especially if your service provider is PRISM Privacy+ Certified. 
  4.  Cost-effective: Offsite storage can be more cost-effective than maintaining on-premises storage solutions, especially for businesses that don’t have the resources to invest in expensive hardware and software. 
  5.  Flexibility: Offsite storage providers often offer different plans and options, allowing businesses to choose the level of storage and protection that best meets their needs. 
  6.  Scalability: Offsite storage can be easily scaled up or down as a business’s storage needs change over time. 

Ensure that any company you are considering partnering with is PRISM Privacy+ Certified by the International Secure Information Governance & management Association (i-SIGMA). This is because you are giving custody of your organization’s confidential and proprietary information to a third-party, and all data protection regulations require clients to perform initial and ongoing due diligence and monitoring of records management service providers. A program like PRISM Privacy+ Certification is designed specifically to verify and monitor regulatory compliance as well as security best practices, fulfilling your regulatory obligation, when you might not even be sure what to ask. You can then ask the providers you are vetting to also show you case studies of how other companies have benefited from offsite storage.  

By considering these benefits and these steps, you can better ensure that your offsite storage experience is safe, secure, and efficient for your organization.  

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