The “No-Excuse-for-Missing” Sessions

April 21, 2021

You’ve heard it before because it’s true; one piece of knowledge that can improve your business is worth many times the price of conference admission. And, under the premise that any session might yield that light-bulb moment, one could argue that all sessions are potentially more than worth the registration fee. Clearly, that is true about the sessions at the 2021 NAID & PRISM International Virtual Conference.

This year, however, I am prepared to take that point one step further by stating that “there were sessions held this year – still available for viewing – that no one who is serious about success in our industry can afford to miss.” Put another way, anyone missing these sessions does a disservice to their employees, to their clients, and, most of all, to themselves.

Those sessions are:

Negotiation: How to Maximize Your Ability to Create Value for You & Your Customers

From the phone call looking for price to a full-on RFP, approaching them with the negotiation skills described in this session – many of which I never heard before – increased the rate of success geometrically. Bonus: I learned how (and why) offering multiple (more than two) options to customers dramatically increases success of any proposal.

The Changing World of Media Vaulting and Tape Usage

Who knew? I sure as heck didn’t. Turns out tape continues to serve a vital role behind the scenes, and that the secret already known by the likes of AWS and Alphabet, signal way to better serve RIM clients and better utilize media vaults.

Into the Clients’ Minds

Hearing directly from decision makers who know how to properly vet their RIM and data destruction vendors provided a roadmap to get all clients to think like them.

State of the Industry

Three top thought-leaders in our industry describe a business climate poised to explode with opportunity. Beyond simply restoring optimism, this session points to the trends and how to best position your business and your attitude.

Focusing on these sessions does nothing to diminish the value of all the sessions. I picked these largely because I attended them…and because they blew me away. After 40 years in this industry, I sometimes get lulled into thinking I can’t learn anything. The sessions above, and likely others I have not seen yet, not only taught me there’s always something to learn, but also that it is likely that new thing I learn, that is the most important thing to know.

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