The NAID management team expands

May 30, 2013

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

Today it is my pleasure to write a little about the NAID management team and its latest addition, Michele Goodman. Michele joins Kathy Goldman as the second member of our accounting staff. When Kathy joined NAID six years ago as the only member of the accounting department, NAID membership was about half the size it is today. Getting her some help was long overdue.

In the end, given the complexity, growth and opportunities that lie ahead of NAID, the executive members of the NAID Board of Directors decided the association would benefit the most by adding someone with a relatively high level of experience and financial acumen, which is exactly what Michele brings to the table.

NAID is a mission-driven organization and is generally held in high regard on that front. It also needs to be a data-driven organization, making sound strategic decisions based on the fiscal realities. I am proud to say we have always approached it that way. Also, I am proud to say we will continue to do that with the addition of Michele.