The NAID Board of Directors is you

July 30, 2013

By NAID President Tom Huth, Allshred Services, Inc.

As NAID president I have the opportunity to talk to a lot of members. For the most part, I am encouraged by the feedback I receive. Even when a member calls with a complaint of some kind, generally their criticism is constructive and they are supportive of the association’s work.

One thing I have noticed, though, is that members sometimes seem to forget that the NAID Board of Directors are, by and large, people just like them with the same issues and concerns. When we approve something, we have to live with it too, and it will affect us exactly the same way as it affects other members. So, on the eve of the NAID Board of Directors annual meeting tomorrow, I thought I would share the demographic of the board as it stands today. The 12 voting NAID board members include the following:

  • Five offer mobile-only services
  • Three offer both mobile- and plant-based services
  • Five offer only plant-based services
  • Eleven of the 12 board members eligible to vote are private, independent operators facing the same issues, challenges, marketing threats, and motivations as 99.9 percent of all NAID members

We volunteer our time and are subject to the rules we approve. Our sole motivation is to do what is best for the industry and organization. To think otherwise defies common sense. Here are the details:

  • I am the Vice President of Operations for Allshred Services, Inc., a private, regional, independent company in Maumee, Ohio. We offer plant-based and mobile destruction services.
  • My colleagues on the board include:
    • Scott Fasken, NAID’s past president, owns Colorado Document Security, a mobile-only service provider based in rural western Colorado.
    • President-Elect Chris Isabell owns iSecure, a mobile-only service provider in Grants Bend, Ore.
    • Treasurer Steve Richards owns Richards & Richards, a full-service, records management firm in Nashville, Tenn., that offers plant-based destruction services.
    • John Mesrobian, NAID secretary, owns Loss Protection and Investigations, Inc. in Fresno, Calif., offering both plant-based and mobile destruction services.
    • NAID Director Angie Singer Keating is a partner and CEO of Reclamere, Inc., which is located a central Pennsylvania and offers a range of electronic data protection and destruction services.
    • NAID Director John Anderson owns Shred 360. It is based in the Carolinas and Georgia and is a mobile-only data destruction service provider.
    • Renee Keener is a NAID director who owns American Document Securities, Inc. based in Carrolton, Ga., and offers plant-based destruction services.
    • NAID-ANZ Director Tony Tanti operates a plant-based secure destruction service in Sydney, Australia.
    • NAID-Canada Director Kevin Perry runs a mobile-only destruction service in St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada.
    • NAID-Europe Director Grahame Watson runs a plant-based destruction service based in the U.K.
    • NAID Director Don Adriaansen partner and co-founder of Titan Mobile Shredding in Pennsylvania, which is a mobile destruction company. (See the comment below.)
    • NAID Director Mike Massaro is Vice President of Transportation and Shred Plant Operations for Iron Mountain, which offers records management services, including plant-based and mobile destruction.
    • NAID Vendor Liaison Paul Garfunkel of Intek Truck and Equipment Leasing is the vendor liaison to the NAID board and NAID CEO Bob Johnson is an ex-officio member of the board. Neither Paul nor Bob are eligible to vote.

Having worked on the NAID board now for more than four years, I can honestly say the professionals I have worked with are extremely conscious of how their decisions impact members and the integrity of the industry. After all, they are affected by those decisions like everyone else. They are you.