Textbook Strategy Unfolds: NAID CEO to Lecture at ASU

January 24, 2018

Next month, NAID CEO Bob Johnson will take an important step in fulfilling one of the stated goals in creating the Information Disposition textbook by guest lecturing at Arizona State University.

“The fact that those earning degrees in data security and information management have little or no exposure to proper media disposal is one of the reasons it is underappreciated by top management,” says Johnson. “The goal is to give these future decision makers a better understanding of proper disposal, and now that we have the textbook, that’s possible. It is a perfect example of how the association can serve its members and the customers its members serve.”

Initially, the textbook will be deployed on trial basis at select universities. Eventually, the hope is those early successes will lead to wide-scale use in hundreds of universities across the country and around the world.

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