Textbook Barnstorming 2018: Next Atlanta & Seattle

February 13, 2018

As previously announced, NAID CEO Bob Johnson will be taking the Information Disposition textbook on the road this year. And, as expected, it appears there is no shortage of interest.

“Most information governance and data security professionals are unaware of the complexity and implications of information disposition,” says Johnson. “It is very rewarding to watch the lights go on as they begin to appreciate all the moving parts and the benefits.”

Johnson will have the chance to do just that on February 28, when he speaks at the RIM 101 Seminar sponsored by Atlanta ARMA on the topic of “Dispelling Misconceptions and Confusion related to Information Disposition.”

In April, Johnson will speak at the 2018 ARMA Great Northwest Region Conference held April 5-6 in Seattle on the subject of “Data Disposition and Regulatory Fail Safes.”