Tejoury first NAID AAA Certification in Saudi Arabia

November 13, 2018

NAID is proud to announce the NAID AAA Certification of Tejoury, a Saudi-based information management and secure data destruction firm, making it the first company to in that country to achieve the global standard, and making Saudi Arabia the sixteenth country where a NAID Certified service provider can be found. As a result, the firm joins nearly 1,000 facilities globally that already hold the data destruction industry’s most recognized accreditation.

“We are proud to count Tejoury among the service providers who put data security first,” said Katie Mahoney, i-SIGMA’s Director of Certification Operations. “It is no surprise that the leading data destruction firms are often the first to recognize the value of NAID Certification, and Tejoury is a perfect example.”

Besides Saudi Arabia, NAID AAA Certified destruction services can currently operate in the U.S., Canada, Iceland, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, and the Netherlands.

“The wind is at our backs,” says i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson. “NAID Certification’s alignment with the GDPR and its focus on meeting vendor selection due diligence will surely lead to wider international adoption. Tejoury is an industry leader in the region, which is why they recognize its value.”