Study of Second-Hand Electronics in India First to Employ NAID Principles

April 4, 2019


Study of Second-Hand Electronics in India First to Employ NAID Principles

PHOENIX, Ariz. April 8, 2019– The National Association for Information Destruction® (NAID®) is proud to announce that Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. is the first to investigate the presence of personal information on used hard drives conforming to the NAID Second-Hand Device Study Principles.

The Second-Hand Device Study Principles were released by NAID just last month to address the issue of credibility. Because the results of such studies have favored those having commissioned them, NAID created public steps to assure the results are legitimate, fair, and compliant with relevant regulations. NAID commends Stellar for being the first organization to conduct such a study using the newly developed tool.

“By employing the NAID Principles, the company assures the results are accurate and the personal information found in the process was fully protected at all times,” said NAID founder and CEO Bob Johnson.

Regarding the results of the study itself, Johnson went onto say, “The Stellar Second-Hand Electronic Device Study continues to demonstrate the gravity of the problem – data security breaches caused by personal information that too often remains on second-hand electronic devices.”

As the largest such investigation to date and first conducted in India, the study conducted by Stellar establishes the problem of improper data erasure is a global issue and that data protection in one region of the world poses challenges for data security everywhere.

Stellar’s CEO Sunil Chandna says the study is a cautionary reminder that organizations must be careful to ensure retired electronic assets are properly sanitized.

“That fact personal information was discovered on so many devices is truly alarming,” said Chandna. “No organization can afford to risk their reputation or the growing fines associated with data security breaches. There are solutions for the proper erasure of information, but the first step is awareness. That is the reason for our study.”

Chandna will present the Stellar Second-Hand Device Study on April 12th in front of more than 800 information protection professionals gathered for the 2019 NAID & PRISM International Conference in Denver, Colorado. The detailed report is available for download from Stellar:

The NAID Second-Hand Device Study Principles are publicly available for download on the NAID website.

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