SSD Erasure Verification Added to NAID AAA Certification

September 13, 2018

The i-SIGMA Board of Directors has approved a recommendation from the NAID Certification Rules Committee to add Solid State Device (SSD) erasure to the media covered by NAID AAA Certification of Sanitization Operations.

According to Katie Mahoney, i-SIGMA’s Director of Certification Operations, for firms already holding the hard drive erasure endorsement, adding the SSD erasure endorsement simply requires the forensic analysis of the SSD process.

“It took some time to figure out the logistical issues,” says Mahoney. “Because of the wide variety of SSD’s on the market, it required we have a wider variety of forensic capabilities, especially when you consider mobile devices are included.”

The updated certification application will be posted online no later than October 1. Firms interested in proceeding with the application in the meantime may contact [email protected].