Sitting at the center of the secure destruction universe

March 22, 2013

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

As I sit in my hotel room preparing for NAID 2013 to begin, it dawns on me how unique and valuable this event really is. For the next three days, it will represent the highest concentration of secure destruction knowhow, innovation, education, equipment, networking and professionalism anywhere on the planet.

The event represents the center of our professional universe. We are in our element; surrounded by our peers, sharing the keys to our successes and lessons from our mistakes.

The rest of the year, we are alone. We compete furiously. Accounts are won and accounts are lost. Fires pop up and are put out. At this event, we realize we are not alone.

For the almost 800 of you joining us at the center of the secure destruction universe, thank you for helping to create a unique space and time where we can concentrate on improving our industry as well as our professional careers.