Shred School is for the Hungry

October 23, 2019

Shred School 2019 wrapped up earlier this month with its final stop in Portland. While every attendee from all three destinations stated they would consider attending again, they also all had one thing in common that Kelly Martinez, Director of Marketing & Communications for i-SIGMA and Shred School Trainer claims any future attendee would probably desire as well.

“I’ve said it before and it still holds true, Shred School is not for everyone,” stated Martinez. “Because not everyone is a learner.” She explained that there are many in the industry who are happily running their businesses as effectively – or not – as they’d like and they wish no further input into that system.

She went on to add, “Shred School is for the hungry. For those business owners, sales representatives, and operations managers who want to keep their business not just current, but at the edge of tomorrow. They want to drive results.”

This eager learning spirit seemed to be the sentiment from all of the attendees at the 2019 workshops.

Attendee Josh Hartwell of Information Protection Services Inc | Shred Boss LLC shared, “I have attended Shred School before and have had just as many take-aways, if not more, the second time around. I will definitely attend again. Anyone in the shredding industry that wants to see their company grow should attend. ”

Martinez added, and “Shred School doesn’t really end after the two-days.” She explained that the takeaways are intended to be strategic and actionable plans that can be implemented over the following 30-, 60-, 90-days and even longer tail initiatives over several months to push businesses to the next level of success.

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