Schedule Certification Audits to Resume – Virtual Audit Options Unacceptable

May 28, 2020

Effective next week, i-SIGMA auditors have authorization to resume scheduled audits of NAID AAA and PRISM Privacy+ Certified operations.

As previously announced, audits conducted during the initial resumption will be at the mutual agreement of both auditors and applicants. During audits, applicants and auditors will be expected to adhere to CDC recommendations regarding social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment.

Specific guidance will be emailed directly to all certified operations and auditors next week.

Unannounced certification audits, considered an integral component of the program, were never formally halted.  These audits will continue to be conducted by remote surveillance of facilities and field operations.

After careful consideration, the association has decided a knee-jerk attempt to introduce a virtual audit option would compromise the high level of integrity expected of i-SIGMA audits.

“True virtual audits would require real time, online updating of background screens and training along with remote auditor access to CCTV and alarm monitoring,” said i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson. “It may be in the cards as a voluntary option in the future, but for now, virtual audits are incapable of determining compliance and so are not an option.”