RIMPA Live Concludes 2019 Outreach

October 2, 2019

i-SIGMA will close out another year of strong outreach with an appearance by CEO Bob Johnson at this month’s RIMPA Live Conference and Expo in Melbourne, Australia.

“Records and information management professionals are uniquely suited to understand the benefits of Privacy+ Certification,” said Johnson. “And the new regulatory climate around the world makes the i-SIGMA message that much more relevant. Our traction there is significant and growing.”

Commenting on the association’s history of robust outreach, Johnson predicts 2020 may well dwarf all previous efforts.

“With Privacy+ Certification realigned to better address regulatory due diligence, the pressure is on to spread the word,” said Johnson. “And, with Gail Bisbee in the role of PRISM Subject Matter Expert, the association has a deeper bench by which to increase its exposure.”

Johnson also predicts more outreach to decision-makers.

“Often we are speaking to members and other service providers,” said Johnson. “Given that Privacy+ Certification and other new tools directly benefit information management professionals, we intend to spend more time talking to practitioners who make RIM-related buying decisions.”