Protection Measures Guidance

May 13, 2020

As secure data destruction and/or records and information management business, your services truly are essential. While governments release restrictions and economies prepare to re-open, it is important for clients and potential clients to understand the precautions you as a service provider have taken to keep their and your employees safe. Not only posting something of this nature, but having your drivers carry it with them, may prove to be a powerful public relations tool during a time of unusual stressors.

Utilize the list below as a guide, modifying it to fit your organization, to create a piece that will be meaningful to your iG business in your specific market. Here is a great example already in use, shared by Amadeo Roig Casanova from member company Destupack of Madrid, Spain.


Protection Measures… Beyond the Data

Our company is dedicated to health and safety best practices. Not only do we have recommended safety actions in place, but ongoing monitoring of these as well. Here are some of the measures we take in our commitment to our clients’ and employees’ well being.

1. Regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces
i-SIGMA Note to Members – This could mean you:

  • Clean vehicle handles and steering wheels
  • Clean reception counters and pens along with the arms of the reception chairs
  • Clean any parts of machinery that employees may touch regularly

2. Ventilate work areas
i-SIGMA Note to Members – This could mean you:

  • Check your facility’s airflow to ensure air circulates well year round
  • Ensure service vehicles have working A/C or that the windows are left cracked open at night

3. Hygiene and PPE
i-SIGMA Note to Members – This could mean you:

  • Employees should wash hands after returning from breaks or servicing accounts
  • Employees should avoid touching their eyes, nose & mouth
  • Drivers wear a mask when servicing accounts
  • Employees should isolate when ill

4. Practice social distancing in the workplace as possible
i-SIGMA Note to Members – This could mean you:

  • Assess and re-establish work area zones within the facility to prevent natural converging
  • Onsite, use service elevators when possible; wait for the next elevator if the building’s is already full