PRISM SME Gail Bisbee Connects at Conference

April 24, 2019

PRISM International Members at the 2019 Conference wasted no time letting Gail Bisbee know how happy they are to have her in their corner. From the opening session to the very end, she could be seen connecting with members, answering their questions, and listening to their concerns.

“It’s good to have someone on the staff who understands the records management industry,” said Michael Sayer of Ohio-based Fireproof Records. “It’s clear she understands the issues we’re facing.”

“Gail’s enthusiasm to help was truly genuine; I can’t thank her enough,” said Thurab Hilmy of Sri Lanka-based Transnational Group. “As a long time PRISM member, it is reassuring to know she’s on the job.”

According to Bisbee, the enthusiasm is mutual. “I was able to speak with lots of PRISM members,” she said. “And learned they are excited about the future. They need the organization to help them navigate the opportunities, and that’s the challenge I am looking forward to meeting.”

For those new to the organization, Gail Bisbee joined the i-SIGMA management team shortly after the NAID/PRISM International merger to ensure association staff and RIM service providers had an expert available to answer their questions and represent their interests.

Gail Bisbee can be reached at [email protected].