PRISM Privacy+ Certification: Time to Join the Club!

June 24, 2020

In March, i-SIGMA announced changes to PRISM Privacy+ Certification making it not only more affordable but also a much stronger sales tool.

March is also when COVID-19 made its international debut. You had bigger fish to fry.

More Affordable

1) Already PRISM Privacy+ Certified? RIM service providers can now renew Privacy+ Certification without the high cost of the SSAE 18 or SOC 2 audit, with an inexpensive i-SIGMA audit.

2) Already NAID AAA Certified? RIM service providers can add PRISM Privacy+ using the same NAID audit, simply by meeting 7 additional specs that it is probably already doing. When doing both audits at one time, the cost is even less.

3) Not Yet PRISM Privacy+ Certified: RIM service providers can now earn Privacy+ Certification using the i-SIGMA audit for less than $999 a year.

Stronger Sales Tool

Your customers and prospects are required to show they’ve conducted due diligence when hiring to your firm to safeguard regulated personal information. With the recent changes, PRISM Privacy+ Certification now verifies your firm’s compliance with those very specifications.

When customers and prospects learn you have done for them what they would have to otherwise do themselves, they reward you. It even builds loyalty with existing clients!

ROI and the Bottom Line

Success in business means evaluating every expenditure. You spend money to make more. It’s not the expense, it’s the return. With the price of PRISM Privacy+ Certification about the same as a set of truck tires, signing one new customer or losing one less customer means it pays for itself many times over.

Compared to Who?

The large international RIM service providers are PRISM Privacy+ Certified. So are top RIM firms in India, Saudi Arabia and South America. In fact, there are currently over 130 RIM service providers in the U.S., Canada and around the world holding the RIM services industry only dedicated operational certification. Of course, there are thousands that operate with no industry-specific certifications whatsoever.

What group does your service belong to? Maybe it’s time to switch sides. i-SIGMA has done its part. The balls in your court.

For details on new Privacy+ Certification specifications and i-SIGMA audits, visit the PRISM International website or call +1 602 788 6243.