PRISM International Subject Matter Expert Shares Impressions Thus Far

March 19, 2019

After a few months on the job reaching out to as many PRISM International companies as possible, PRISM International Subject Matter Expert Gail W. Bisbee, RN, BSN shares her impressions.

Exploring the role as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) during the past months has been exciting as well as challenging.  Networking with PRISM International members has been beneficial as we identify additional resources and services that will have the greatest impact on and add value for members, including the identification of emerging client service needs. A significant amount of time has been spent calling and emailing individuals to get their feedback.

As a resource available to each member, my goal has been to personally talk with as many of you as possible determining those needs, while ensuring members are aware of resources currently available. If I have not reached your company yet – it is only a matter of time.

While talking with PRISM International members, a common theme has been the need for continued resource information related to risk management topics, as well as proposed legislative changes. Many members relate a continual challenge with recruiting, hiring, and maintaining qualified team members.  It is noted that the high standards required for employee background security as well as mandatory drug screening often have an impact resulting in a lower volume of qualified applicants.

When asked,  ”Where do you see your company growth in the
next 3-5 years?”  Most members indicate that they intend to “stay the course”, providing current RIM services, i.e., storage, imaging, vaulting, indexing, shredding, etc. However, members are also eager to identify new and emerging service models that will be needed by RIM industry clients.  These services would not only add value for the client but have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Exploring the potential for emerging markets is what ensures the future. So we ought to ask ourselves:

  • What methodologies can members use to assist clients who wish to extrapolate and analyze the data from the information on the shelves in the boxes now stored?
  • How can members leverage the skills of their team in other settings to manage a client’s records on-site?
  • What other types of business entities are untapped by our industry and would benefit from our service models?

Questions such as these should drive the future of RIM service delivery! Let’s explore new ideas and concepts.

I am eager to hear your thoughts, identify your resource needs, and explore ideas for the future of PRISM International and the RIM industry. I look forward to seeing each of you in Denver at the Annual Conference. Please feel free to contact me at 602-788-6243, ext. 2005 or by email at [email protected].