PRISM International Offers Free Webinar on California’s Consumer Privacy Act

July 12, 2018

On July 26th, PRISM International members in California are invited to attend a free webinarexplaining how to use California’s new Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as currently written, to grow their businesses.

According to i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson, the unique aspect of this webinar is its focus. “Customers are going to need a lot of help complying with the CCPA,” says Johnson. “This webinar will focus directly on opportunities for RIM services companies to provide added value to them.”

Johnson is also careful to state that this will be one of many efforts to educate California members on the new law.

“The effective date for the law isn’t for 18 months, and there is still considerable rule-making and interpretation to be done,” he adds. “That said, the sooner California-based members start to integrate it into their sales and marketing, the better off they’ll be.”

Seating is limited to 90 participants*. Register Today >>

Note: A recording of the webinar will be available for all members in the coming weeks.