PRISM Divisional Leadership Committee Tackles the Challenge

June 3, 2019

With the first call-in meeting of the PRISM Division Leadership Committee (DLC), members were energized and ready to brainstorm.  As defined in the i-SIGMA bylaws, the committee is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the Board of Director’s focus on RIM issues are relevant and forward thinking.

The PRISM DLC will develop initiatives and recommend actions and strategies to the Board during the scheduled meetings. The committee will assist the Board as it navigates the evolving RIM industry.  There is no shortage of RIM strategies with emerging technologies and services to be considered.

Christopher Jones, i-SIGMA co-President, said, “The committee includes PRISM International member company representatives that have proven vision for how to compete in the emerging RIM market. The board is excited to have their input!”

Members of the PRISM DLC include:

  • Giovanna Spadoni – OMTRA (chair)
  • Tom Seibert – BRM
  • Ali Kazmi – BackOffice
  • Dan Fawcett – Morgan Records
  • Chris Kelly – VRC
  • Jay Burns – Crown Information Management
  • Richard Steed – Pacific Records
  • David Reagler – Arkansas Records
  • Scott Reis – Datasafe
  • Victor Hernandez – Safedata

The PRISM DLC will meet monthly by phone. Members are invited to share suggestions for resource development with the committee by reaching out to PRISM International Subject Matter Expert Gail Bisbee directly at [email protected].