One NAID 2014 session could change your company’s future

January 23, 2014

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

Among the many panel discussions at the NAID 2014 Annual Conference, the session “Circling the Wagons: How to Build and Manage Your Own Lead Generation Machine”represents a new approach to an old concept. And, it is the first time this subject has been covered at a NAID conference.

Think about the number of other businesses out there that are in a position to spot opportunities for your service. Now, think about the number of services you might have to spot opportunities for those businesses. The possibilities for mutual growth are endless. It could multiply your sales exponentially.

It’s certainly not a new concept and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the benefits. Even though most service providers have a couple of companies who they casually refer clients to, it is not the same thing as having a specific group of ambitious, motivated colleagues actually looking for opportunities to make referrals.

So, why aren’t more secure destruction companies creating these structured referral networks more effectively? Is everyone too busy? Is it for fear the other guys won’t deliver? Are there not enough professionals who find good leads? Is there anxiety about the possibly of creating another competitor?

In this panel discussion, secure destruction professionals who have overcome these obstacles will share the concepts that have provided them with a robust source of prequalified, warm leads where both trust and the value proposition are already established. Unlike many panel discussions, the goal is to give attendees a plan they can implement the day they get home from the conference.

I realize many readers are already exchanging leads with local colleagues. That is not what this session is about. It’s about implementing a formal system with likeminded professionals who realize they can grow a lot faster if they help you grow. What you learn in this session could be worth 10 times what you paid to attend the conference.

“Circling the Wagons: How to Build and Manage Your Own Lead Generation Machine”will be Saturday, April 5 at 11 a.m. Panelists already selected for this session are Tom Simpson and Scott Fasken. Other panelists are currently under consideration. Visit more details or to register.