Nate Segall Approved as NAID Leadership Committee Chair

April 29, 2019

The i-SIGMA Board of Directors has approved the appointment of Nate Segall of Ohio-based AccuShred to serve as chairman of the NAID Divisional Leadership Committee (NAID DLC).

Per the association’s bylaws the NAID DLC is responsible for the development of programs, policies, and initiatives prompting secure data destruction.

According to Segall, a past-president of NAID, it’s a role he is taking seriously. He said, “The only possible downside to the merger was the possible dilution of NAID’s original mission. The job of the Division Leadership Committee is to make sure that doesn’t happen and, speaking for my fellow committee members, that is exactly what we’re here to prevent.”

NAID Divisional Leadership Committee:

  • Nate Segall (chair)
  • John M. Anderson, CSDS
  • Russ Bryden
  • Pat Connor
  • Paul Hurst
  • Joe Roberto
  • Tom Simpson
  • Cory Tomczyk
  • Lloyd Williams

“The NAID DLC’s knowledge of the secure destruction industry runs wide and deep,” added Segall. “I don’t think we could have put together a group of professionals who better understand the issues and the history.”