NAIDnews From the Editor: The song may be over, but the melody will linger on….

January 1, 2019

Kelly Martínez, NAID Director of Marketing & Communications

It has been my privilege to serve as editor of the NAIDnews these past two years. I hope this association journal has been a useful tool in providing insightful advice, news, and content to you and your staff. As 2018 closes, so do the issues of the NAIDnews.

For nearly 25 years this publication has reached across borders and joined our members. Now, as a larger association, we will present to you a new journal starting in 2019. One that will still bring you relevant secure data destruction content as well as include a wider net of information governance material as well, so that as you build your businesses, you stay fully informed. We will carry the spirit and melody of the NAIDnews into the new journal to create a harmony we are sure will be music to your ears….

In this farewell overture, I believe we have hit all the right notes. As is tradition, this is the Annual Conference edition! Hear directly from the association’s Director of Events & Programs Jamie Hughes on what NAID 2019 means to her, why you should join this year’s golf tournament, who will be providing innovation in the Expo Hall, and more. It all starts on page 34.

We also dive into regulatory updates, as Canada released new data breach notification laws just last month. These updates could affect you and your clients and open the door for conversations that can lead to sales. Learn what your responsibility is and what to do should a breach occur on your watch as a third-party provider. My personal favorite inclusion, because it includes member insights, is the article on page 24 regarding women in the industry. Hear their take on leadership in secure data destruction and how they keep life and their companies running. They are an inspiration to women and men alike.

And truly making this issue the perfect finale, we look at what NAID members have built (page 12) … for this is the bedrock that NAID will continue to stand on as it moves forward with strength.

Looking forward to the next song with NAID,

Kelly Martínez