NAID/PRISM Merger Questions Answered

May 31, 2018

With the announcement of the NAID and PRISM International merger, members of both organizations have new questions. Get the answers you seek with this merger update.

Merger Questions & Answers
  • Now that the merger has been ratified by both the NAID and PRISM International memberships, what is next?

Over the next few months, the formal transition to i-SIGMA will be implemented. Nothing will immediately change for members and members will be notified when changes affecting them do occur. There are many moving parts to a merger like this, so in order to make it happen as smoothly as possible, the final plans and transition requirements are being put in motion.

  • What will membership dues look like?

The NAID membership and PRISM International memberships will continue separately after the merger with separate membership dues for each division of the joint association.

NAID members have already been billed for their 2018 dues. As always, NAID AAA Certification fees are separate.

PRISM International members should continue to pay membership dues invoices they may receive for 2018. Privacy+ fees will be paid as invoiced.

For 2019, members will receive one invoice for the dues for their appropriate member division. There will be a discount for those who opt to be a member of both divisions.

  • What if I pay membership dues sometime in the middle of 2018? Will my company receive a credit toward my 2019 Dues?

Moving forward all NAID and PRISM International members will be billed for annual membership dues in December on a calendar year basis.

NAID membership dues are already based on a calendar year; there is no change to this process and therefore no credits are applicable.

PRISM International members that have paid their full member dues in 2018 (once the new i-SIGMA staff takes over, the invoicing will be prorated) will receive a prorated credit on their 2019 dues invoice for the months covered by that 2018 payment.

  • What if my company is a member of either NAID or PRISM but wants to be a part of both divisions?

For Active/Company members of either division wishing to add the other membership after the merger is complete, they may do so at any time by contacting the management office at +1 602-788-6243.  There will also be a place on the 2019 dues renewal invoice to indicate that intention (and calculate the additional dues).

NAID Associate Members and PRISM International Corporate Partners will have one dues fee and automatically have full benefits for both divisions.

  • Why would any company want to be a member of both NAID and PRISM International after the merger?

NAID and PRISM International will maintain their brand identities after the merger. NAID member benefits and PRISM International member benefits are limited to their respective division members, including the use of the respective logos and access to the respective certifications and members-only sample document libraries.

  • When do I get the new i-SIGMA logo? For that matter, when should I start using it?

Because NAID and PRISM International will maintain their brand identities members will continue to use the current logos associated to their existing membership. They will not use an i-SIGMA logo.

  • When will I get the next issue of the NAIDnews or InFocus? Will I start to receive the other publication as well?

NAID members will continue to receive the NAIDnews, while PRISM International members will continue to receive InFocus for the remainder of 2018. The Board of Directors for i-SIGMA will decide how publications are handled moving forward.

  • When is the next PRISM/NAID/i-SIGMA conference?

The combined NAID/PRISM International Conference and Expo will be held April 11- 13, 2019 in Aurora, CO just outside of Denver. Registration opens in October.

  • I have questions/feedback about the transition. Who should I speak with?

Please, direct questions regarding the merger to the i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson at [email protected].

  • I’ve been a member with one of the associations for 20 years. Will my “member since date” still be effective with i-SIGMA, or will it start over from scratch?

The original join date for each division will continue to be tracked to the extent that the data is already included in a member company’s records on file.

  • I’ve been exhibiting and advertising for years. I know there is a database of exhibitor points that give us priority access over those with fewer points. How will this work with i-SIGMA? Will we all start from scratch, or will our PRISM points somehow be combined with our NAID points?

This is subject to change should new information surface, however, it seems at this point the fairest way to assign total vendor placement priority points is by combining the total points from both organizations over the past 3 to 5 years.


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