NAID Message Hits the Road

August 30, 2018

NAID has a tradition of taking its message to the streets and this year is no exception.

Shred School 2018:

For the sixth year in a row, the association’s traveling educational arm known as Shred School will be conveniently offering its unique, immersion, “in-the-trenches” sales and operations training across the United States with the Dean of Shred School himself, Ray Barry, at the helm.

Canada Breach Notification Seminars:

To help NAID members in Canada capitalize on new data breach laws coming November 1st, NAID will host a one-day seminar in Calgary and in Toronto on September 25th and 27th respectively. “We now know data breach notification requirements are one of the most influential drivers for secure data destruction business growth,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “These session are going to show attendees how to use these new requirements to make more money.

E-Scrap 2019 and the Electronics Reuse Conference:

NAID CEO Bob Johnson will speak in October at two highly influential events in the electronics recycling world. At E-Scrap 2018, hosted in New Orleans (Oct. 9-11) this year, Johnson will address changes to the NAID AAA Certification program that better address clients’ requirements (and service provider success). Later in the month, Johnson will then present twice at the Electronics Reuse Conference (Oct 27-30). He will be explaining the various types of NAID AAA Certification available as well as the rationale for the program’s growing acceptance in one session. In a second session, he will address the growing impact of the EU’s GDPR, including how it has already led to new laws in Colorado and California and in many other states where legislation is being introduced.